A virtual community of students to encourage active participation

Coaching, social learning, serious games and engagement

Voluxion Pro LMS with Virtual Community integrated in the e-learning platform

Social Profile

Students have their own user with their avatar or photograph and their range of participation


Discussion threads

Open space for conversation between enrolled students (from the same group, global)

Message Board

Students have message boards available to send direct messages to other students


Study Groups

24/7 meeting rooms so that your students can meet by video conference and chat

Open your own online community of students with workgroups


Web 2.0 integrated environment where Voluxion students contact each other and their tutors to share their concerns


A social network exclusive to your academy, school or university


Voluxion virtual community encourages social learning and collaboration


Active community management: administrators can intervene by creating work groups or posting on boards


The platform motivates students through awards and participation scores


Friends lists and public or private invitations to work groups (in meeting roms with videoconference, and chat)


Avatar creator and private friends lists


Course allocation via the community

Virtual community in Voluxion Pro LMS LCMS (Optional)

Social community integrated into your trainings

Your students enter from your web portal to the Community section where they find the list of users, the forums and the other 2.0 tools available 24 × 7