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Learning Platforms E-books

E-learning Platforms E-books

E-book: "Learning Platfoms: The Present of Training"

Online platforms are no longer a thing of the future: more and more centers are betting on quality teaching based on educational technologies such as LMS platforms or virtual classrooms.
Trends in the E-learning Sector

E-book: "Trends in the E-learning Sector"

The implementation of e-learning technology in training centers allows you to open up to new methodologies, as well as greater control over the management of teaching … Are you up to date with all the news in e-learning?

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From our Resource Center, download learning platforms e-books, as well as other resources on LMS, LCMS, LVE, virtual classrooms, gamification or video conferencing systems to teach online classes, webinars and meetings. Discover how to improve your face-to-face training with the most innovative online tools, with everything you need for a comprehensive management from a single place.