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Learning Platform: LMS

An educational platform which has been designed for your language centre to manage everything related to language learning in an efficient way, by integrating all content and resources in one place.

Voluxion is a structured platform which incorporates all content and material; from your own centre’s syllabus to online dexway content. Everything can be managed in one online system with ease of use. The system also helps your teachers to manage their classes and the progress of their students easily, such as identifying strengths and weaknesses, with the ability to communicate directly with students.

Our educational platform creates an environment where students can interact with the content, work together with classmates and communicate with their teachers easily, achieving authentic involvement between student and teacher.

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Organize your weekly classes easily

Easily organise and control weekly classes that each student has with different teachers.

Set the start and end of the course, course title, the subject and title of each class for the student and a teacher´s guide, establishing the weekly classes with the corresponding teacher and materials.


Easily track and evaluate your students

Create and schedule periodic or instantaneous reports, summarized or in full, and export in PDF or CSV, alongside thorough student tracking.


Within the LMS you will be able to keep track of the students’ progress at all times. You can also create your own tests and exams easily, and get the results from the platform.

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Manage all your training and communication through the LMS/LCMS

Manage your students, teachers and tutors. Set and manage different user roles like administrators, tutors, supervisors and students.

Fully organize your academic planning. View and manage communication between students and tutors under one single educational platform, regardless of URL.

Easy access to forums, news, agendas, and user content from the home screen. All tools available to facilitate direct communication in real time. Teachers can send their students personalized messages through instant messaging.

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